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»  Bypass city roads
»  National roads
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»  Ditches
»  Cluverts
»  Road gullies
»  Sewerage
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National Roads:

- regular maintenance and incidental works
- DN 13 bituminous carpet
- DN 1 roundabout
- Den 15 repairs and bituminous carpet

County Roads:

- Rehabilitation of DJ 154 Reghin Batos Bistrita Nasaud county boundaries
- Rehabilitation of DJ 154A Reghin-Rusii Munti-Ded
- Bituminous carpet on DJ 153 Reghin-Sovata
- Road fillings and incidental works
- Periodical maintenance
- Rehabilitation and modernization of DJ 142C
- Mountains slope consolidation

Other localities roads:

- Modernization of the forest road Valea Bistrei - Cofu
- Modernization and consolidation of streets in Bistrita Municipality
- Repairs and modernization of streets in Sarmasu locality
- Modernization of streets in Sarmasel locality
- Streets' repairing and maintenance works in Bahnea commune
- Streets' asphalting in Breaza commune
- Streets' asphalting in Mica commune
- Streets' asphalting in Deda locality
- Restoration of asphaltic pavement in Deda locality
- Raului Street rehabilitation in Reghin municipality
- Streets' repairing in Reghin municipality

Targu Mures roads:

- Pandurilor Boulevard modernization
- 1 Decembrie 1918 Boulevard modernization
- 22 Decembrie 1989 Boulevard modernization
- Cutezantei Street modernization
- Sinaia Street repairs
- Improvement of the crossroad in Victoriei Square
- Parking places on 1 Decembrie 1918 Boulevard
- Maintenance of asphaltic pavement on Aleea Carpati and Mihai Eminescu Streets
- Dezrobirii Steet repairs
- Maintenance of asphaltic pavement on Bernady Gyorgy and Depozitelor Street
- Maintenance of asphaltic pavement and repairs of sidewalks in Targu Mures municipality on Hunedoarei Street
- Landscape development at Cornesti Plateau- Repairs of the car access alley at the Zoo<
- Maintenance of asphaltic pavement on Cornesti and Garofitei Streets
- Roadway surface restoration of Gh. Doja- Rampei Steets' crossroad
- Roadway surface restoration of Barajului- Libertatii Steets' crossroad
- Roadway repairs on Gh. Doja Street
- Maintenance of the roadway and parking places on Faget Street
- Repairs on Trebely and Padurii Street
- Maintenance of the roadway's asphaltic pavement on Tisei Street
- Maintenance of the asphaltic pavement on Somnului Street
- Asphalting the parking platforms at Real Supermarket
- Asphalting in:- Petru Maior campus
- Dimitrie Cantemir campus
- Livezeni hall platform
- Widening Insulei Street
- Repairs on Libertatii Street
- Baneasa Street modernization