ASPHAROM - ASPHADRUM company is the Romanian legal entity, with an entirely private social capital, Romanian and German, that activates on the Romanian market since 2003. The main activity of the company, according to NACE classification is "the manufacture of other products from non-metallic minerals (asphalt mixtures)" and "works and constructions of roads and highways"..

A company's philosophy is circumscribed, in essence, to the sustainability of one life work's results. A wise man said that the purpose in life is not to live forever, but to create something to last.

Thus, our philosophy is based on this motto, and everything we do strengthens this belief. Not only the education and the structure, but also the reason compels us to treat each project and product with great responsibility, whatever their stake is. Since the establishment of the managerial team, consisting of persons with professional experience, with skills in organizing and managing the production processes, our priority was to select competent people, with experience in the field, people that know the specific activities and works.

We rely on an active and dynamic programme, designed to meet the new challenges and demands in the field. Through our experience, reliability and professionalism, we have created a name and a reputation at local, county and national level. This fact honors and compels us. We are a group of people, whose ultimate goal is the economic efficiency, assuring the highest quality of the works under execution. Modern organized, dynamic and functional, our team becomes, in itself, a standard of efficiency and competitiveness in the field.

We are the authors and promoters at the same time, of some realistic programs, able to ensure the guarantee of success, in an area characterized by excellence, safety and durability. The challenges that we must face, are also the opportunities to try and prove, permanently, our courage, ingenuity, talent seriousness and last but not least, the potential, the trust and the expectations invested in us.

The unit has a plant for preparing asphalt mixtures, AMMANN model, certified by the Romanian Register of Machines and Construction' Technological Equipments (RMCE), with a technical and operational productivity of 150 tons/ hour, a plant that is fully automated and endowed with stabilized asphalt mixture production lines.

ASPHAROM has implemented a quality management system certified with ISO9001, ISO 14001. ISO 27001.

The company has qualified personnel:

- RTE technical responsible
- CQ certified personnel
- Quality system
- Chief at the asphalt mixture preparing station
- Laboratory chief
- Roads and bridges engineer
- Mechanical engineers
- Foremen at roads and bridges construction
- Equipments' mechanics
- Asphalt worker
- Pavement worker

The company has a large variety of certified equipments:

- finishers - VOGELE
- compaction roller - VIBROMAX
- cutters for asphaltic coats - WIRTGEN
- front loaders - KOMATSU
- backhoes - AHLMANN
- installation for applying bituminous emulsion - BREINING
- laboratory for analyses and tests for roads and bridges constructions
»  Constructions
»  Maintenance and rehabilitation
»  Bypass city roads
»  National roads
»  Roads
»  Ditches
»  Cluverts
»  Road gullies
»  Sewerage
»  Gas installation works
»  Road embankment
»  Relocation of utilities
»  Markets, parking lots, parks
»  Stone paving
»  Railway level crossings
»  Bridges
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